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How the Certification Program Works

Workbook Includes

  • Engaging ExercisesStep by step exercises that teach financial literacy in a both a fun and engaging way!
  • Fun Money FactsInteresting facts and information about money, goal setting and achieving a greater understanding of personal finances.
  • Financial VocabularyLearn financial terms and how they work into saving now and in your financial future.

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Give your kids the foundation they need to be financially successful. Both the workbook and the online application provide financial lessons and practice that will develop habits and behaviors that will yield a lifetime of benefits.

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Why has FamilyMint won so many awards? Simple – it beats any other program on the market! The FamilyMint Method™ is so effective at teaching money management that it has been the only program named “Education Program of the Year for Children, Planning & Money Management” by the Institute for Financial Literacy.